Hotels near Tianjin Cruise Terminal - International Port

Tianjin China Hotels near International Cruise Home Port Terminal

Tianjin night view of skyline

Port of Tianjin in China

Tianjin is one of the five biggest cities in China and its location on the northern coast
means it’s an important hub for trade and leisure. Close to Beijing, the Chinese capital,
it also possesses a major cruise port terminal, which makes it a key city for
travelers visiting the area or embarking on a maritime journey around China
and beyond.

There is a large choice of hotels within close distance of the International
Cruise Home Port passenger terminal. Stay close to the port in Tanggu,
Tianjin or Beijing.


Hotels near Tianjin Cruise Port – Where to Stay ?

No matter what type of cruise you are planning, searching online is a great way to find deals. All journeys starting from Beijing actually depart from Tianjin’s cruise terminal, which means you can choose your accommodation in either city (Beijing or Tianjin), among the numerous hotels available, and find options that fit your budget.

While the old Xingang Port terminal receives international ships occasionally, it focuses on domestic cruises, while the new Tianjin International Cruise Home Port welcomes ships from all around the world. Finding deals is therefore quite simple and accommodation options are plentiful, with many hotels in the area.

Whether you are going to Hong Kong China, Tokyo or Yokohama Japan, or as far as Istanbul, Turkey, you are sure to find special offers and deals. Also, bear in mind that some hotels offer last minute deals as well. Make sure you seize those opportunities to save money whenever you can.

The nearest town from the cruise terminal is Tanggu, located in the Binhai New Area district which is the coastal region of the Tianjin municipality.

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Tianjin skyline
Kaiyuanmanju Hotel Tanggu
stars stars stars stars

Located in Tanggu Binhai District, very close to the passenger port.

Downtown Tianjin by night
Holiday Inn Binhai Tianjin
stars stars stars stars stars

Modern five star property located only a few miles from the cruise ship terminal.

Tianjin buildings
Hilton Tianjin Eco-City
stars stars stars stars stars

Luxury 5 star accommodation in Binhai China, within easy reach of Tianjin port.

Tianjin Beijing Cruise Port in China
  • International Passenger Terminal and Xinggang Terminal

    Located in Northern China, the international passenger terminal is located at the south of Dongjiang Port of Tian jin Port, adjoining the Dongjiang Free Trade Zone. The facility is situated approximately 180km or 112mi from Beijing and 70km or 43mi from the city of Tianjin. Major cruiseline operating from the port is Royal Caribbean International.

    The second cruise terminal, Xinggang, is used only for domestic cruise ships but may receive international cruise ships during high travel season.

  • Port Address

    Tianjin International Cruise Home Port
    No. 1001 Guanhai Road
    Dongjiang Freetrade Port Area,
    Tianjin, China. 300456
    Phone number: +86 22 25705871

    Closest train station is Tanggu station which is located approx 30 mins away. Please note that the train is a passenger commutertrain and seats may be sold out.

    Additionally, there is very limited space for luggage. If you plan to use the train, plan well in advance. more info.

    Xingang Port Passenger Terminal
    35 Xingang Road No 2
    Tanggu, Tianjin 300456, China

    It’s one of China’s major cruise ports together with the port of Shanghai Baoshan.

  • Transport – Where to Stay

    Once your cruise deals are secure and the hotels booking are sorted out, you can focus on affordable transportation to keep in budget during your trip.

    There are various options to travel between Tianjin’s port terminal and Beijing, each with their own advantages and drawbacks.

    If it’s your first visit to China, make sure you are aware of practices, especially when it comes to taxis. Always prefer a vehicle with a meter and don’t hesitate to share one with other passengers from the cruise, if you want to save money.

    Another solution is to book a large van or a bus in advance, with a dozen people, which lowers the price for each person considerably.

    You could also decide to travel in a bullet train, especially if you don’t have much luggage, as the rates are much lower than taxis and private cars.

    When choosing your accommodation, remember that hotels are largely available both in Tianjin and Beijing, and that you should therefore focus on budget and convenience when deciding which one you’ll pick.

    If you arrive at Tianjin Binhai International Airport, you may want to find your accommodation near the port terminal, which is about 60 minutes away.

    This would make your departure quick and hassle-free, while allowing you to visit the city when you have time.

    If you arrive in Beijing, make sure you stay close to South Railway Station if you take a train, or any touristic area that allows you to discover the incredible capital of China easily. Once again, hotels won’t be difficult to find and deals are always possible.

  • Nearest Airports

    Beijing International Airport
    Travel time to Tianjin International Cruise Home Port from Beijing Intl. Airport is approximately 3 hours.

    Tianjin Binhai International Airport
    Travel time to Tianjin International Cruise Home Port from Tianjin Binhai Intl. Airport is approximately 1 hour.

  • Currency

    The currency in Tianjin is the Chinese Yuan or Renminbi (CNY)

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