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Shore Excursions & Shuttle Transport in Rome & Civitavecchia

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Civitavecchia, Rome Excursions & Shuttle Service

One of the most famous port towns in in Italy, Civitavecchia offers you many shore excursions to choose from when your cruise ship docks in the sea port.

A benefit of embarking on private shore excursions is the fact that you can often dodge the long lines that build up to view the Vatican or Sistine Chapel. When you decide to take shore excursions in Italy there are many available options, including those giving you the chance to hop on and off a bus or river boat to set the pace of your own private tour.


Always a tour available for your needs

Arriving in port on a cruise ship allows you to see the amazing coastline and a few glimpses of the beauty of the port of Civitavecchia. Many private tours are available to pickup and drop off passengers at the ship, which include those short on time taking a tour of Rome ion a single day to see all the main sights and attractions of the capital of Italy.

Whether you are hoping to get a good look around the Vatican and other religious sites in Rome or simply hoping to tour the city through private shore excursions and take in a flavour of the culture of Rome as you cruise on a ship around the coast of this ancient country there is always a tour available for your needs.

Private and Public Shore Excursions

When you are taking a cruise along the shores of Europe and find yourself approaching the sea port of Civitavecchia you should look into the different options available for shore excursions that can be taken.

At just 80 kilometres from the best central Rome hotels the chance to get off the ship and take in some of the most amazing sites in the history of Italy and the world is something not to be missed.

You could choose between private and public shore excursions that are available to historic places like the Vatican or hop on board a river cruise and explore the beauty of the area at your own pace.

Arriving in Italy can seem as though you have so many options you simply do not feel as though you could fit in everything you want to see when you leave your cruise ship and head into the area around Civitavecchia. Private shore excursions are a good option and can be taken directly from the port or from the centre of Rome to include the major sights of the city or a more laid back tour of the history of the countryside.

A private tour can be taken to the areas of Tuscania that include small towns and ancient sites within this hilly region outside Rome. Private transport is usually available for these shore excursions to some of the most amazing countryside in Italy filled with small communities and historic castles.

Popular Tours to Rome Italy


From Civitavecchia to Rome – Rome in One Day (Private Tour)
See the ancient city of Rome in one day.
From Civitavecchia you will transfer directly to central Rome.


From Civitavecchia to Rome – Independent Day Trip
From your cruise ship take an independent shore excursion to central Rome. See all famous attractions of the city.

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