Upgrade your Cruise in Amsterdam and Find the Best Hotels

Finding the Best Cruise Port Hotels in Amsterdam

Upgrade your Cruise Experience in Amsterdam

Upgrade your Cruise Experience in Amsterdam

Ever since you can remember, you have always wanted to travel to Europe in style. Now that you finally have the means and the time required to see the world and get acquainted with the European culture, you love the idea of spending a few days in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam canals
Amsterdam Canals

Discover the Enchanting History of the Port of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands (and its most densely-populated city). The city region is home to more than 2,332,000 people. This city has an amazing history that fascinates most tourists and gives them the impulse to see it with their own eyes and discover the details that they will never be able to find in history books.

During the 12th century, Amsterdam was known a modest fishing village; five centuries later, during the Dutch Golden Age, it gradually became one of the most prominent ports worldwide, as a result of its remarkable trade developments. In the 17th century, Amsterdam managed to make a name for itself as a leading center for diamonds and finance.

Its enormous potential was successfully tapped in the 20th century; during this timeframe, the city recorded a significant expansion; numerous new suburbs and neighborhoods were properly planned and developed to accommodate new residents and open the doors to new business opportunities.

Amsterdam is served by a notable seaport. Its land is divided into approximately 90 beautiful islands, brought together by a clever network of 1,200 bridges. Due to this particularity, Amsterdam was given a very suggestive nickname: “Venice of the North.”

Aside from its natural and man-made beauties and astonishing development, Amsterdam has other attributes that recommend it as a first-class vacation destination. Its friendly oceanic climate with mild summers and winters turn this city into the perfect cruise destination that you can reach year-round.

Welcoming more than 15 million visitors from different parts of the globe on an annual basis, Amsterdam represents one of the most popular European cities that hordes of tourists choose to add to their itineraries. Here’s one more thing that you should know before booking your pre or post cruise hotel in Amsterdam: this city has no shortage of luxurious accommodation options.

As a matter of fact, hotels with 5 or 4 stars located in the heart of Amsterdam provide 42% of the overall number of beds available in the city region. The room occupation rate was estimated at 78% in 2016 and reflected an increase, compared to the numbers reported a few years before. At the end of the day, you can rest assured knowing that you could easily spot a decent motel or a luxurious hotel with high-class amenities.

Rooms vary a great deal in terms of size, view and features and you should choose the best one for you depending on how much money you actually have in your pockets. Either way, you should keep in mind that Amsterdam encompasses plenty of tourist attractions that will enable you to create wonderful memories that could serve as excellent conversation starters in the years to come.

The famous Red Light District, impressive network of museums, stunning shopping venues and diverse entertainment options are important pieces of an eclectic composition that you should take some time to study closely, after booking a good pre or post cruise hotel in Amsterdam.

The picturesque medieval Haarlemmerdijk, Kalverstraat, and  Negen Straatjes are listed among the most popular streets targeted by tourists who are craving for a relaxing shopping spree. The Museum Square lets you discover a high concentration of museums. In the northern side of the square you can stumble across the Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum.

These are only two of the cultural and architectural gems that you should contemplate during your stay in Amsterdam. Truth be told, this city will stun you with its great diversity of landmarks and tourist attractions, making it difficult for you to make a list of the things that you wish to see and stick to your schedule.

During summer, Amsterdam’s surroundings host popular outdoor dance parties, such as Valtifest, Welcome to the Future, Awakenings or Mystery Land. Regardless of your interests, passions and budget, Amsterdam will give you unlimited access to exceptional entertainment alternatives that will take your breath away and give you plenty of reasons to come back for more.

Where Should You Stay in Amsterdam?

A cruise enables you to broaden your horizons, discover the particularities of different cultures and relax and forget about daily problems in a pleasant ambiance. At the same time, you can always choose to take your vacation a step up by booking a pre and post cruise hotel. The very best accommodation options will give you the opportunity to explore your holiday destination even further, uncover all its secrets, do some shopping, eat and drink like a local, make new connections and take some time to clear your head and enjoy the magic of the new places that you have just discovered.

So before you set foot in Amsterdam, you may want to research different lodging alternatives and choose the one that makes more sense to you. Amsterdam lets you select your favorite accommodation option from a plethora of b&bs, motels and hotels that meet most tastes, preferences and price points.

Hotel Brouwer is one excellent pick that you may want to factor in. Ensuring a lovely view over the canal, this hotel may be a bit Spartan judging by its basic amenities and its quaint ambiance, but it still manages to get a thumbs up for its spotless, spacious rooms and excellent service.

Avenue Hotel is all about a great location (the wonders Central Amsterdam are within walking distance), decent buffet breakfast and comfortable rooms. Ibis Styles Amsterdam Central Station is listed among the top-rated Amsterdam-based hotels due to its prime location (situated five minutes away from the station), small, elegant rooms and convenient prices.

These are only three accommodation options that may appeal to you. Count on us to discover a long list of pre and post cruise hotels in Amsterdam and find the perfect one for you, tailored to your every need and demand.

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