10 Fun Things to Do on a Cruise If You Encounter Bad Weather

What happens when rain or other inclement weather strikes?

10 Things to Do on a Cruise If Bad Weather

10 Things to Do on a Cruise If Bad Weather

Cruising is one of the best ways for the whole family to explore new and exotic places.

Most likely, you have planned plenty of activities in every port of call. Sightseeing is half the fun of cruise vacation after all. What happens when you cannot dock or anchor due to high waves, or what happens when rain or other inclement weather strikes? Luckily, when you cannot go on land cruise lines automatically cancel and refund your excursions without you having to do a thing.

Still, it can be disappointing when things don’t go as planned. Remember, cruise ships prepare for bad weather. There is plenty onboard to keep you and your family entertained at any hour. Let’s take a look at just ten of them.

What to Do on Cruise Holidays If It Rains

bad weather on a cruise vacation

1. The Kid Camp

If you are traveling with your children, the kid camp is your backup and possibly your lifesaver when weather cancels your shore plans.
The camp is already set up for onboard activities. Your children will stay busy and have a great time. That means no bored kids. More importantly, this frees you up for adult activities that you may not have considered before.

2. Check Out the Spa

sauna on cruise shipNo matter the weather or how bustling the ship it, the spa is calm and quiet by design. If you’re stuck on board, there’s no better reason to check out the ship’s spa. Get a facial.
Or, indulge in one of those fancy heated rock massages you have always heard about but never tried.
There is most likely an indoor hot tub. What better place to avoid a chilly rain than in a hot tub? If the spa is designed so, you may be able to watch the rain from a toasty sauna or tepidarium.

3. Get a Book from the Ship’s Library

Yes, the ship has a library. Most passengers don’t bother with it because their itineraries are full. Though, when weather interrupts cruise holidays, there’s no better excuse to lounge and relax.
You can do that with a good book. You can read it in the quiet of the library or check in out to read elsewhere.
Some libraries also have some family games available for checkout. It may not be quiet as exotic as the tropical excursion you had planned. But, you can make memories in unexpected ways, after all.

4. Storm-watch From Your Balcony

Watching a storm on the ocean is breathtaking. If your room has a balcony, there’s no better time to order room service than during a storm.
Provided the weather isn’t severe, the balcony is a comfortable, intimate place to dine and watch the storm dance with the ocean. Order room service and enjoy both the company and the view.

5. Get Your Karaoke On

Karaoke is usually happening somewhere on the ship. There’s no better time to get up the nerve and belt out your favorite song in front of strangers.
Or, if that’s not on your bucket list, it’s worth a chuckle to watch other passengers making the most out of their cruise holidays.
Check the ship’s itinerary for karaoke. There should be extra sessions scheduled on sea days.

6. Ask for a Galley Tour

On sea days, you can sometimes book a galley tour of the cruise ship as an excursion. You may occasionally be able to take a tour for free. Regardless, it’s a neat experience.
Not everyone gets to see the behind-the-scenes activities in the kitchen. You will leave with a new appreciation for the staff who serves such a high volume of excellent food day in and day out.

7. Check Out the Gym

For some, this may conflict with the philosophy behind cruise holidays, which is to relax. Think of it this way. You were planning a physical activity during your shore excursion, even if that was just walking.
The weather has most likely closed the pool and the walking decks. To avoid going stir crazy, make your way to the gym. Pick your equipment per your fitness level, and burn off the calories you just put on at the taco bar.

8. Catch a Flick

Cruise ships have closed-circuit television programming you can view in your cabin. You can catch a movie or two on there.
You can also rent a movie on demand. The charge for the rental is applied to your account. You usually have 24 hours to watch it.
Some may find it a waste to watch movies in your cabin during cruise holidays. Though, it can be a great way to relax. The ship will be rocking slightly from the storm.
Snuggled under the covers in your cabin is the perfect place to let the waves lull you. What better time to watch a movie with your favorite person?
You may prefer a more traditional movie experience. Yours most likely has a movie theatre with the film schedule listed in the ship’s itinerary. Movie theaters on cruise ships have great sound systems. You’ll get the full theater experience.

9. Explore the Ship

Cruise ships are full of hidden nooks, rooms, and amenities that you don’t know are there until you look. Grab a map of the ship or an itinerary. Then set out to explore the ship.
Cruise ships are so large you could probably go deck by deck over a couple of days and still not discover everything. Sooner or later you’ll find doors you aren’t allowed to open.
Though, you will also discover some rooms you didn’t even know the ship has (like the library).

10. Shows, Classes, and Shopping!

cruise casino rouletteTake a close look at the daily itinerary. There is a large variety of entertainment and other activities available at all hours. You can take in a musical or a comedy show. Try your hand at Bingo. Take a cooking class.

Art auctions that may be of interest even if you have no plans to purchase. How about the casino? The shops? Try some new cuisine?
When was the last time you were in an arcade? Air hockey and skee-ball are traditional favorites. There are more options than there are hours in cruise holidays.

Making the Best of Cruise Holidays During Bad Weather

Cruise ship crews monitor the weather closely. As weather conditions change, the captain can adjust the route and scheduled as needed.
The captain does this for safety but also to provide their passengers every opportunity to disembark for their offshore excursions.
Still, weather does rain on those plans from time to time, quite literally. That’s no reason to let it ruin your vacation.
Your cruise director and other staff will announce new activities and remind you of onboard events. You won’t miss a moment of fun!
Please continue reading our blog for more cruise travel tips.

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