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Tips to have a wonderful cruise vacation

Top 6 Ways to Have an Amazing Cruise

Top 6 Ways to Have an Amazing Cruise

Many people loves to spend their well-earned vacation and holiday times on large cruises all over the world. Whether they travel to the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands, or Alaska, cruises can be a fantastic way to see the world all from the comfort of a floating hotel.

Usually, the cruise itself offers a plethora of ideas and tips on how to have a great time. Yet, no matter what cruise line you choose there are a few universally accepted ways that you can guarantee yourself a safe and exciting trip.

Below are the top six ways to have an amazing cruise.

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1. Get to Know Your Fellow Cruisers

Even if you are travelling with a dozen members of your family, it is still a good idea to learn who your neighbors are for the next several days. This is a top tip for a number of reasons, but two are key.

The first is that these are the people that will be the closest to you in case of any type of issue. Whether it is a major emergency or just to borrow some shampoo, your fellow cruisers are going to be your closest neighbors for the days going forward.

The second reason to do this is that getting to know new people and make new friends is a huge part of the cruise experience. Wouldn’t it be much more fun going to a captain’s dinner with some new friends or pairing up for some excursions?

2. Befriend the Staff

The staff on cruise ships can be very busy, especially on the first day when everyone is getting settled, but when things settle down they are a great resource to have in your toolkit. For example, if you every need any type of special assistance, the cruise staff will be the first line of defense. Try getting off on the right foot by giving a small token of appreciation, like an item from the gift shop.

The two top priorities on this cruise staff list are the bartenders and the front desk staff. These are the two groups you will see the most and who will have the highest chance of being helpful. Also make sure you are polite and smile when the staff welcomes you aboard.

3. Explore Onboard Activities

You will find a plethora of activities available for free, options like dance classes and couples cooking workshops and even scuba lessons. There are options for every type of person and every type of interest. These are also another great way to meet your fellow cruise passengers.

4. Participate in Off-Shore Offerings

Whether going to visit the glaciers of Alaska or cruising along the South American coast, cruises usually offer excursions for passengers to explore local cultures and landmarks. Usually requiring a fee, these offshore activities are prime adventures for you and your fellow passengers.

Even if the people you are vacationing with do not want to go on the same offerings you do, these excursions are fine to do alone with other people on the same cruise.

Especially if you are on a Caribbean cruise, it can be easy to find other solo passengers from your ship taking part in the same excursions. In fact, if you do a solo adventure you can usually meet some more of your shipmates.

5. Actively Join In

None of these tips will work unless you actively join in and participate in everything the cruise has to offer.

If you spend the entire time of your cruise being introverted and not taking advantage of everything it has to offer, you are missing out on so many potential memories and new friends. Take a chance and you won’t regret it.

6. Do Not Forget to Prioritize Your Safety

As a cruise traveler, whether in a large group, as a couple, or on your own, safety is always a key concern. Cruise ships function like a floating city, and with that distinction comes some of the negatives of a metropolis.

Even on board, you need to be careful about what information you give out and to whom. Why most people are benevolent and just other people looking for a fun vacation, others may be there to try and take advantage. Be careful about whom you tell your room number to, who you let see your identification, and whom you are around late at night.

While you typically don’t have to worry about issues like pickpockets while you are on board, when you leave and go to the shore it is something you need to be aware of. For example, if your ship is docked in a port, create a plan on how you will get back to your ship and what the dangers are you need to watch out for.

Also, be wary when you are in a port where English is not the native tongue. Be careful with transportation and late night taxis when you are in foreign countries. Again, while most locals are good people just living their lives, some people may be on the prowl for tourists like you.

Final Thoughts

Cruising can be truly fun and exciting. It can also be addicting.

However, when you use these few tips while there, this won’t be an issue. The best parts about a cruise are that you can do what you want, do it when you want. The world is your oyster on a cruise, so go ahead and enjoy!

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