Best Time to Visit & Cruise from Miami Florida

Best Time for a Cruise from Miami Florida

Best Time to Visit and Cruise from Miami

Best Time to Visit and Cruise from Miami

Posted by Stefan DP – Last Updated on December 28, 2023

Miami Beach hotelsMiami, Florida, is one of the most visited places in the United States and the world. Miami is home to some of the best sandy beaches, a very wild nightlife, fashion, and the best restaurants with Cuban & Spanish influences.

One of the top activities that guests like to take part is a Caribbean cruise from the Port of Miami, Florida.

However, most people find it challenging to decide on, which is the best month to visit Miami and go on a cruise.

While cruises stop at, start, and end in Miami all year round there are specific months in the year when cruises are more popular than others.

For the majority of the year Miami is full of sunshine and the weather is hot, so mainly there’s no bad time to visit. However some months are more hot, humid, and rainy while from June to the end of November it’s hurricane season in Florida.

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The Best Time for Cruise out of Miami

Cruise ship sailing in Caribbean

In our opinion the best time for a cruise out of Miami would be from the end of February to Early May when you can experience Miami’s best weather. The period is marked by a lot of sunshine and the chance for rain is low.

Another perfect time is from early November to the start of December. The reason is that this is the least busy season and one of the cheapest of all seasons as well. While you can sail to Miami at any time of the year, the best time to cruise from Miami to the rest of the Caribbean is during the cold seasons of the Northern hemisphere.

At this time, it is warm in the Caribbean hence the best time for a cruise. Note that from December to April, most islands experience their driest seasons.

The cheapest time of the year to take a cruise from Miami and most affordable prices for hotels is during the late summer and the fall because most people are wary of the Hurricane season.

Note that, because of the hurricane season, if you decide to travel, it may be wise to purchase cruise insurance. You can always find other bargain sailings during the early weeks of December and sometimes in Spring.

In Spring, however, the negotiating seasons keep coming and going. Therefore, you ought to keep checking for offers and bargain prices.

In late June and July, the sailings experience a lot of crowds because of the school breaks. The same thing happens in late December to early January and March through mid-April.

When to avoid: When looking for a quiet and peaceful cruise vacation, you should be avoiding summer, spring break and Christmas time. Ships are often packed with loud, partying teenagers during spring break and kids in the summer months.

Christmas in general is a peak travel time. Another option is book a luxury cruise on a smaller ship with fewer people.

Ocean Drive in South Beach
Ocean Drive South Beach

We give you a month by month run down of the best time to travel to Miami Florida.

1. January is the coolest month of the year in Miami

At first, January is the beginning of the wave season, therefore the best time to shop for your cruise travel to the Caribbean. This is because the prices are pretty low at this time of the year.

Fewer people are cruising in the beginning of January. Since it is the time when kids go back to school after the Christmas break, ships take time to fill their berths as well. January can be a tad chilly for sailing out of Miami, but with temperatures in the mid-80s to low-70s in the Caribbean still a good month for a cruise.

Miami weather in January: January is the coolest month of the year in Miami. The tropical climate in Florida offers a dry winter season and pleasant weather to cruise and visit places. The daily high temperatures are at 70℉ (24℃) while the night lows are at a favorable 47℉ (16℃). Average temperature: 59℉ / 20℃. Average Precipitation: 2 in / 55 mm.

January in Miami

2. February is a good time for cruising

February is the perfect time for a cruise, however since a lot of people look towards sailing at this time of the year, the prices are usually very competitive. This makes it challenging to find the best deals.

It is especially harder to get a good deal around President’s Day because people take advantage of the holiday to get away. Kids also get a break from school during the 3-day presidents weekend hence making it very crowded at this time.

Miami weather in February: The weather in February is similar to that of January, towards the end of the month the weather is relatively drier. The daily averages and seawater temperatures are at 70℉ (24℃) providing the best beach weather to be around the port of Miami. Average temperature: 61℉ / 21℃. Average Precipitation: 3 in / 60 mm.

February in Miami

3. March witnesses an influx of visitors

In March, the weather in Miami starts to get warm as the Spring season is ushered in. It is arguably the best time of the year in terms of the weather. This means that the prices of cruises can be higher because many people are looking to take a cruise at this time of the year.

The fact that the spring break starts in March also means that several kids and teenagers are looking to take cruises at this time. The month is packed with a lot of family trips hence making Miami very crowded.

Miami weather in March: March marks the beginning of spring with the best weather in the year. The daily averages reach a high of 73℉ (25℃), later in the month, there is rainfall which is higher than that of winter. Tourists flock in Miami in March. Average temperature: 64℉ / 22℃. Average Precipitation: 3 in / 70 mm.

March in Miami

4. High temperatures and crowds characterise April

As Spring continues, the temperatures keep rising in April, and the more the crowds increase in the beaches. It is arguably one of the best times for a cruise, hence the higher prices experienced at this time of the year.

The weather makes this time one of the busiest when it comes to visitors. It is also the month when the Redland Blues Barbecue Festival and the OUTshine Film festival takes place.

Miami weather in April: The second of the best spring months in Miami, towards the end of the month there is low rainfall and the beginning of summer. Daily temperature averages reach a high of 76℉(26℃), this weather is great for swimming and outdoor activities typical of the Miami style.
Average temperature: 70℉ / 24℃. Average Precipitation: 5 in / 80 mm.

April in Miami

5. In May, the crowds start to reduce as Summer is ushered in

This is the time of the year when the summer kicks-off. At this time of the year, people start to look for cheaper cruises, as it’s the start of the “offseason”. It is also the beginning of the City’s low season, especially when it comes to hospitality. Restaurants and club crowds start to decline as the heat kicks in.

The craziness of Easter ends, and the crowds begin to disappear. Towards the end of the month, more tourists start to leave, and the City becomes calmer.

Miami weather in May: May is the month that the warm summer transits into hot and humid summer with increased rainy days as a result of the humidity. Carnivals and festivals take place in May from the port to the neighborhoods of Miami. Average temperature: 76℉ / 26℃. Average Precipitation: 5 in / 130 mm.

May in Miami

6. June is quite rainy

Miami experiences the most rains in June. At this time of the year, the beaches are almost deserted during the rainstorms. Despite the rainstorms, the weather is quite hot at this time of the year.

June is officially the start of the Atlantic hurricane season and you might find some excellent cruise deals on Caribbean sailings. June is one of the most affordable months for hotel reservations.

Miami weather in June: June has the highest amount of rainfall with clear days and the afternoons are cloudy. Humidity reaches a high 70% resulting in the temperatures to be hotter. Being the beginning of the hurricane season and Florida is prone to be hit by powerful storms and hurricanes. The days are clear with temperature highs of 88℉ (30℃). Average temperature: 82℉ / 28℃. Average Precipitation: 8.1 in / 200 mm

June in Miami

7. July is the peak of Summer

July is the peak of the summer cruise season. During this season, the prices of sailing are pretty high as cruises are packed because kids are out of school at this time of the year, and families are taking vacations.

However, it is also the month of Miami Swim Week. During this festival, the best of Miami gets to showcase its fashion-focused beachwear and summer collection. Because of the weather, there isn’t much happening in Miami in July.

Miami weather in July: July is among the hottest months of the year in Miami Fl.. The days and nights are consistently warm and this month receives moderate rainfall throughout the month. The daily temperature averages reach a high of 91℉ (31℃) and lows of 26℃.
Average temperature: 91℉ / 31℃. Average Precipitation: 5 in / 120 mm.

July in Miami

8. August is a relatively quiet month

August is a quieter month than July as kids start to go back to school, and the tourists are not as many as in the previous months. It is also one of the lowest seasons for cruises because of the high humidity and powerful rainstorms.

In terms of festivals and activities, this is also one of the slowest months because there are no significant festivals other than the Miami Spice month that runs through August and September. This means that the most active part of the City is the restaurant scene. Restaurants offer incredible prices during these months.

Miami weather in August: August is the most humid and hottest month of the year, the afternoons are uncomfortable and the weather is unpredictable with storms and hurricanes. It is not the best time to cruise in Miami as the humidity means you will feel hot and sweaty.

August in Miami

  • Hot and humid
  • Sea water is perfect for swimming
  • Lower prices end of August

9. Slight drops in the temperature characterise September

In Miami, the Autumn season starts in September. During this season, there isn’t much going on in the City. The temperatures begin to drop, but the hurricane threat is higher than the previous couple of months. It is the lowest season when it comes to going on cruises.

Other than the Spice Month festival and the Urban Film Festival, there isn’t much happening in Miami at this time of the year. Hotel, sailing and restaurant prices are at an all-time low this month.

Miami weather in September: September can be wet, and is hot and humid, the rainfall is more frequent and heavier with occasional storms. Check weather reports for your safety. The daily temperature averages at 79℉ (27℃) and the nights are relatively hot thus you need good air conditioning in your room. Average temperature: 88℉ / 30℃. Average Precipitation: 8 in / 210 mm.

September in Miami

  • Short and heavy downpours in the afternoon
  • Low season, quietest time to visit the city
  • Miami’s best hotels offering the most affordable rates
  • Peak of hurricane season

10. In October, Miami starts to get busier

In October, the activity in Miami starts to peak. The hotels start to get more guests as the temperatures come down to an average. The crowds begin to increase as the rains decrease, but be aware October still mark the height of hurricane season.

The Miami Carnival also takes place this month. The festival is characterised by colour, feather-clad outfits, marching bands, and crowds of families in the streets. The prices for going on a cruise reach and average as people start to engage in regular activities. Cruise lines that had sent their ships to Europe start to bring them back.

Miami weather in October: October experiences a gradual decline in the summer heat, rainfall and humidity. Late October is fresher with the sea temperatures remaining high allowing for swimming and the night averages improve to 70℉ (24℃) thus great weather for evening walks and enjoying a good nighttime sleep. Average temperature: 82℉ / 28℃. Average Precipitation: 5 in / 115 mm.

October in Miami

11. November is the beginning of the peak season

By mid-November the peak season continues to kick in, the streets start to get more crowded as well as the beaches. At this time of the year, the Thanksgiving cruise is all the rave as people prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The prices are also average at this time of the year.

The excellent weather and the calmness of the month attracts more guests and tourists into the City. The crowds can also be attributed to the fact that kids are out of school, and more parents are on leave from work.

Miami weather in November: The weather in November is descent with the summer humidity and heat gone. It provides plenty of sunshine and warm seawater suitable for tourism. The average temperatures are at a comfortable 70℉ (24℃) and the rainfalls reduce to a standard pattern of 1 day for every 5 days. Average temperature: 70℉ / 24℃. Average Precipitation: 3 in / 70 mm.

Miami in November

12. December is packed with activity

As more people prepare for Christmas, the streets of Miami are busier than ever. December also features lower and relatively colder temperatures. It is the driest month of the year in Miami with occasional rainy days hence making it the best time to visit the beaches and go on cruises.

The end of December also marks the peak of the high season, which is the most popular time of the year in Miami because, like the rest of the country freezes, Miami stays at a perfect temperature. The cost for Caribbean cruises out of Miami are the lowest the first three weeks of December.

Miami weather in December: December is the driest month in Miami, it is the start of winter occasioned by low rainfall and cool temperatures. Low humidity offers the best time to explore Florida and its attractions. The daily averages are at 66℉ (22℃) occasioned with rainy days. Average temperature: 68℉ / 23℃. Average Precipitation: 2 in / 50 mm.

December in Miami

  • Beginning of December is one cheapest of all seasons to cruise
  • Very low humidity and little rain
  • Events: Art Basel,

Miami Downtown and Brickell neighborhood

Conclusion: What’s the Best Time to Visit Miami Weather-wise?

In Miami, December through to April is when the weather is incredible. During this time of the year, the temperatures start to drop compared to the case in summer. However, the temperatures are not too low that people cannot go out or enjoy Miami’s best attractions. The people of Miami experience warm days and the rains are less than during the summer and fall seasons.

Between November and April, the streets and beaches in Miami are packed because the hurricane season is over, and the humidity and rainfall are also very low. While the rest of the country is experiencing the snow season, at this time of the year, Miami, Florida boasts of hot weather that attracts thousands of tourists.

Travel seasons in Miami

Miami downtown view from cruise port

Below is a description of the three travel seasons in Miami;

Peak Season in Miami

The peak season starts from December through to April. The reason is that the temperatures during these months are lower than during the summer season. However, the temperatures are still warm, with comfortable daily highs of over 70°F or 21 degrees Celsius.

It is also a suitable travel time in Miami because the rains are not as much as during the summer and fall seasons. Sightseeing is at it’s best in Miami because of the low humidity and cooler weather. For this reason, many tourists visit Miami between December and April.

However, because it is the peak season, the prices are higher for almost everything.

Low Season in Miami

The low season in Miami lands in the Hurricane season. Most tourists start to leave the City, and the hotels offer the best deals at this time of the year that begins at the end of August. The weather at this time is also quite humid and September is the peak of the lows.

This means that fewer people are out and about, and the beaches are practically empty, especially during the weekends. While hurricanes are relatively rare, people do not want to take risks. During this time of the year, the prices of food, hotels, sailing, and shopping are lower than during any other time.

Mid-Season in Miami

The Autumn season is the mid-season in Miami. While the Hurricane threats remain high in October, the temperatures start to drop during November and December. In November, the tourists begin to come back to the City as the end of November ushers at the beginning of the peak season.

The temperatures start to return to a favourable state, and people begin to leave their houses for the beaches. During this time, the City becomes home to a few guests who come to participate in the slightly significant festivals.

(Latest update December 28th 2023)

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