Where to Stay in Fort Lauderdale Before a Cruise in 2024

Best Places to Stay in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Where to Stay in Fort Lauderdale for Cruise

Where to Stay in Fort Lauderdale for Cruise

Posted by Stefan DP – Last Updated on December 30, 2023

Port Everglades view from OceanFort Lauderdale is one of the top tourist destinations for cruising, beach life and boating as well as hiking and animal viewing at the Everglades.

The area is also known as the Venice of the US for its canal waterways and sandy beaches. The hot climate also makes it a perfect place to visit for people who want a more active vacation both on land and in the water.

There are lots of activities to do near Fort Lauderdale cruise port such as relaxing and walking under the palms on the beach and sampling the delicious foods will make the stay here fun, or you can explore more areas such as the Everglades and the port neighborhoods.

Shoppers can explore the Las Olas Boulevard area where there are a lot of local shops, contemporary art galleries and fantastic dining spots. The nightlife is also amazing, plus you can make friends with locals and explore places where you couldn’t go alone.

When it comes to accommodation, the hotels are a perfect match for the city’s beauty and are well located close to the beaches. Several hotels offer a free shuttle transfer to Port Everglades.

Each neighborhood has a variety of welcoming places to stay, but the best area to stay may differ depending on your tastes and preferences.

Most cruisers will be interested in the proximity to Port Everglades, beach and the airport, but visitors can also consider factors such as access to the everglades and the nightlife.

Below are the best 5 areas to stay in Fort Lauderdale before or after a cruise vacation.

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1. Port Everglades Area (17th Street Causeway)

Ft Lauderdale Florida Downtown area

Port Everglades neighborhood is one of the best and closest location for visitors who are planning to cruise from Fort Lauderdale, as the cruise port is within easy reach.

The area is also full of beautiful hotels ranging from luxury to budget as well as other types of accommodation. The area is also a good choice if you are returning from a cruise and waiting to fly back home as it is close to the Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

You can spend your time basking by the hotel pool, or you can engage in outdoor activities such as sailing or exploring the neighborhood.

An example of a place you can visit while staying at Fort Lauderdale is the Claw E.Shaw Memorial Bridge. You can watch the bridge opening on the hour and half an hour—which is not a common thing in bridges.

The city is also home to the International Swimming Hall of Fame. This outdoor pool is a public facility situated on the beach. The hotels also have some forms of entertainment in the evening, but the best place to enjoy nightlife is Las Olas Boulevard which is located a few miles away.

Unlike other areas such as Las Olas, 17th Street has grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies and many other store types within walking distance where you can get your daily supplies. You can also enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Why Stay Here

  • One of the best places to stay for a cruise from Fort Lauderdale Florida
  • Closest area to Port Everglades
  • Hotels located close to Intercoastal Water Taxi Stop #4
  • Fantastic views of the Intracoastal Waterway and cruise ships in the port
  • Highlights: Intracoastal Waterway

Hotel Recommendations:

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2. Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport Area

Skyscrapers and airplane landing

The area surrounding Ft Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport is a perfect place to stay if you are only staying at Fort Lauderdale for one day before your cruise or before you go back home after a cruise.

You don’t have to worry about getting late for your flight as well as the cruise. The area has a variety of hotels and other types of accommodation where you can have the best service for a single day.

Visitors who stay close to the airport enjoy the advantage of the availability of means of public transport and taxis, plus the area is well connected to the other parts of Fort Lauderdale.

You can have your accommodation in this area and hire a car to explore the other parts of Fort Lauderdale as you wait for the departure time. The area is also close to the city centre, meaning you can have afternoon walks in the city and have a window-shopping experience at some of the city’s shopping streets.

One can also have some fun when staying in the area surrounding the airport, even for a day as it is only 15 minutes from the beach, where you can spend your day. The area is also close to the city where you can enjoy the city’s nightlife and interact with locals.

Another reason why this area is commendable for people staying during a short visit is the availability of affordable hotels that fit individuals who are just looking for a place to stay for a night before they get into a cruise or flu back home.

Luxury hotels are also available if you want the best service and comfort as you wait for your long-awaited cruise journey.

Why Stay Here

Hotel Recommendations:

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3. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach Walk

If you are looking for a place to stay in Fort Lauderdale and want it to be close to the beach, Fort Lauderdale beach is the perfect place to meet your needs.

The beach has so much to offer for people who can’t get enough of water, sand and sun. You don’t have to worry about overcrowding at the beach because the shorelines are wide enough to accommodate huge numbers of people and provide enough space to have fun.

You can choose from the different accommodations available depending on your budget. The best thing about living close to the beach is that there are a lot of water activities such as snorkelling, swimming and fishing, plus you can also take a boat ride to explore the beach and its surroundings.

When you stay in this neighborhood, you will have easy access to restaurants, shops and bars located along the beach.

The beach is also full of art galleries where you can admire the local’s taste of art and maybe buy an artwork as a souvenir to take back home. Nightlife lovers don’t have to go far for entertained as there are a lot of clubs at the beach as well as bars and restaurants.

Why Stay Here

Hotel Recommendations:

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4. Hollywood Beach

Hollywood Beach in Florida

Hollywood Beach is a good pick if you want to stay close to the beach. It’s a bit further away from Port Everglades as Fort Lauderdale but still you are within easy reach of the cruise port.

You may not be interested in staying at a luxurious neighborhood if your main focus is on the cruise, but you should also not go to a boring area.

Choosing active places like Hollywood Beach means you will pay less for your stay than some Fort Lauderdale beach resorts but still have fun as you wait for your cruise or your journey back home.

Hollywood Beach area is a long strip along the beach where there are hotels, bars, gift shops and restaurants. Here you can have a good view of the beach and the ocean given that the hotels are close to the beach. The most popular hotel for cruise guests in Hollywood Beach is Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort.

People staying here get full access to the beautiful beach and all the activities at a lower cost compared to other luxury beach points.

The nightlife at Hollywood Beach may not be as lively as the other places like Las Olas, but you can still have fun in the several restaurants and entertainment areas such as bars where you can relax in the evening after a busy day.

The small shops along the beach are also worth visiting if you find fun in shopping.

Another great thing about Hollywood Beach is that there are a lot of eateries and several tiny shops as well as food carts and trucks.

The availability of all these food sellers makes food readily available and cheaper for the people staying in the neighbourhood. Food is always a concern when on budget and having a place where you can have enough food at a lower cost is an opportunity to save that you should not ignore.

Some of the fun activities at the beach include promenade jogging, cycling and people watching, but people who want to explore the cityscape can gather some friends and have a walk to the downtown Hollywood to see the best of the area’s historic neighbourhoods.

You can also spend some time at the nearby Vizcaya Museum if you feel tired of the beach activities.

Why Stay Here

Hotel Recommendations:

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5. Downtown & Las Olas Blvd Area

Ft Lauderdale Florida Downtown area

Las Olas is a choice for most of the tourists who visit Fort Lauderdale Florida every year. This area located in between the ocean and Hollywood Beach is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city, plus it is also the most convenient location for both the beach and the city.

This part of the city is full of historical sites and cultural attractions that you can easily access during your stay. Other places to spend your time when staying in the neighborhood include the city museums, and the waterways boat rides to check the other areas in the city.

This part of the city is a perfect location for visitors coming for cruise given that it is 6 miles away from the international airport. You can easily plan your flight back home from the area or have an easier transfer from the airport to your hotel.

Everything in the city is a walking distance from Las Olas, meaning you can benefit from the beach and ocean activities as well as the attractions of the city. Bike for hire and water boats are also available if you want to explore the city at your own pace.

There are also good restaurants where you can try both local and international food options like Thai and Brazilian. The house movie theatre and art museum is an excellent place to pass some time whenever you feel bored, or you can relax and get pampered at the neighbourhood’s Spa’s and beauty centres.

The numerous bars and night clubs also make the neighborhood a Fort Lauderdale’s nightlife centres. Here you can meet in the evening after a busy day and interact with both locals and other visitors (some may be visiting for the same cruise as you).

Apart from the interactions, you will also keep your pulse pounding for the whole night with dance and music.

Why Stay Here

Hotel Recommendations:

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