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Cruising with Kids Doesn't Have to be Hassling

Top Tips to Make Cruising with Kids Easier

Top Tips to Make Cruising with Kids Easier

Who doesn’t love adventure? Whether it’s for adults or kids, spending time outdoors can deliver a huge array of health benefits.

Allowing your kids to enjoy the great outdoors is especially important since this contributes to their growth and development. With many kids nowadays spending only half of the time outdoors than their parents did, it’s time for you to take and let them play outside.

Cruising with kids is one of the best ways you can let your little ones marvel from many of what nature has to offer.

After all, being near and in the water benefits the mind and body. In fact, studies have found that it’s typical for people living near bodies of water to have better health. They’re also generally happier than those who live far from water.

Just follow these 7 tips to cruise with kids, and everyone will have the time of their lives.

Family departing on a cruise

1. Hold a Family Meeting

First things first: Have a sit-down with the entire family to discuss the holiday plans. This is especially true if your children are already of age wherein they’ve already developed preferences.
For instance, your 10-year-old may want to do some historic sight-seeing. You’ll find cruises with stop-off points in the Southern Caribbean that your kid would love, such as the Bridgetown in Barbados. Your little one would definitely have fun checking out the Parliament Buildings or the Agapey Chocolate Factory in this beautiful port.
If you have a teenager, then he/she will surely have some ideas of his/her own. What’s important is to ensure that everyone can have a say during the planning of the trip. This way, everyone will have something to look forward to during the cruise.

2. Take the Time to Research and Explore Your Cruise Options

One very important thing to keep in mind is that not all cruises are family-friendly. Simply put, you’ll find many of them enjoyable only for adults. Remember, you’re taking this cruise with your little ones, and as a parent, you’d want to prioritize them.
For instance, you’ll find some cruises that don’t allow children who aren’t potty trained. Many also have age requirements, such as the minimum being within the toddler range. Even if the cruise does offer various children activities, your child may not be of the right age to enjoy them in the first place.

3. Double Check Age Requirements

Just because a cruise claims to be family-friendly doesn’t mean that all ages are already welcome. So, before you book that trip, contact the cruise operator. Ask them what their specific age requirements are.
And don’t forget to check with them about the onboard activities for kids. Some family-friendly cruises still have age limits on, say for example, who can use the pool.
Also, calling up the cruise operator gives you the chance to ask about any special needs your kids may have.

4. Choose Excursions with Your Kids’ Preferences in Mind

We’re not saying that you should forget about your own wants. At the same time, you can’t pick an excursion that has little to offer to your little ones. This is why it’s important to hold a family meeting before finalizing any decision for the cruise.
For each shore excursion, whether in the Bahamas, Italy, or Greece, make sure you check how long the stop-over is. Don’t forget to ask about the transportation options too. And again, if there’s any special requirement your family has, include that in your considerations.

5. Remember That Fatigue is Always a Possibility

Like with any other type of adventure, excursion requires physical labor and energy. This said, it’s possible that fatigue can set in on any of your family members. And while you may want to enjoy as many activities as you want, it’s best to stay healthy during the cruise.
Keep in mind that fatigue can develop if there’s not enough resting time in between excursions. This can make things worse since it’s possible no one can do anything at all because a family member doesn’t feel well.
To prevent this, mix and match toured excursions with a bit of self-exploration. And take that much-needed rest in between activities.

6. Know How to Keep That Motion Sickness at Bay

Motion sickness can affect anyone, but it’s more common in children. And this condition doesn’t only happen in the car – it can also cause your child misery while at sea, during the cruise. The good news is, there are ways to prevent it from happening.
Medications such as Bonine and Dramamine are always a must-have, especially when taking cruises with kids. This applies to whether your child has displayed motion sickness before.
Also, the room or cabin you choose during the cruise can either prevent or make the motion sickness worse. Rooms located in the lower central area of the vessel are best for keeping this condition at bay.

7. Time to Pack – Start with the Essentials

In addition to all your tickets, itineraries, and this list of tips, start packing beginning with the essentials. And this means the above-mentioned medications plus child-specific equipment.

For babies and younger toddlers, get that baby food, baby formula, nappies, and cleaning tools in before anything else. Follow this through with the toiletries and bath essentials. Don’t forget the sunscreens and insect repellents.

Base the clothes you’ll bring on your destinations. Of course, if you’re heading to the Caribbean, then swimsuits are a must. Keep in mind though, that the sea can be quite cool especially during the night, so make sure you also pack light jackets for the little ones.

Final Tip

Cruising with kids takes more effort and planning, but with the correct preparations, you can make sure everyone will have a blast. So as a final tip on this list, you may want to print this out and use it as a checklist during the prep.

And if you’d like more useful material like this, pay our blog a visit. You’ll find even more tips and tricks that’ll help you plan for your next child cruises!

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