Getting to Port Everglades Ft Lauderdale - from Miami

Miami to Fort Lauderdale

Getting to Port Everglades Ft Lauderdale

Getting to Port Everglades Ft Lauderdale

Posted by Stefan DP – Last Updated on December 22, 2023

Grab your swimsuit, buy some sunblock, and get ready for some fun. It’s cruise time! Your next cruise might be just around the corner. But there’s one thing you need to do before getting ready for your cruise. You need to figure out transportation.

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There’s no shortage of cruises that leave from Port Everglades. This popular cruise port is actually the third busiest in the world. Port Everglades gets millions of visitors each year, which can make traveling to and from this destination a tricky ordeal.

If you are going to be going on a cruise from Florida, it’s important to know how to get there! Here are some tips on getting to this port without fighting for a parking spot. Find out how to get to Port Everglades from Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

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Getting to Port Everglades from Fort Lauderdale

Are you flying into Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport? You’re in luck.

Port Everglades is only about five miles from FLL airport. This makes getting to the cruise terminal a sinch for weary travelers.

By Taxi

A taxi ride from FLL to Port Everglades is about $18 to $21. This is the cost per taxi, so you can split the cost among your fellow travelers.

Keep in mind that it is customary to tip your taxi driver. Even with surge pricing, Uber and Lyft might be cheaper than a taxi. One study showed that an Uber in L.A. is still cheaper than a taxi with 1.7 times surge pricing.

Uber or Lyft ride

Uber app on cell phone

Your can use a ridesharing app. These apps let you order your own ride and get transported to your destination for a small fee. Are you a first-time user? Don’t worry. Setting up these applications is an easy process.

First, download your rideshare application of choice to your smartphone. Uber and Lyft are available for download from the app store for both Apple and Android. You can then enter a credit or debit card so that drivers can automatically charge your account for rides.

An Uber or Lyft ride to the port will cost around $16, depending on demand and traffic.

Cruise travel tips don’t just apply to your time on the ship. They also apply to transporting to your port.
One of the best cruise travel tips is to avoid surge pricing. Surge pricing occurs when there is a high demand for rides on Uber and Lyft.

Let’s say you arrive at FLL and the airport is busy. You might open up Uber and see that rides cost two times the normal amount. You don’t have to pay these exorbitant prices. You can either wait for the surge to die down or you can catch a cab.

Cruise Line Transfers

Royal Caribbean for example charges for transportation between Ft. Lauderdale International Airport and Port Everglades approx. $29, for a one-way trip. Other cruise lines will charge about the same.

Miami to Ft Lauderdale Port Everglades

International Airport

You don’t have to fly into Fort Lauderdale before your cruise. You can book a trip to Miami instead.

Miami International Airport is only about 29 miles from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. As a result, many cruisers choose to fly into Miami to enjoy the food, Miami’s beaches, and culture before their trip.

Getting to Port Everglades from Miami will require a longer trip. Miami is about 32.5 miles from Port Everglades and you can expect roughly a 45-minute drive. You should account for extra travel time and give yourself at least one hour to get to your cruise. Because of the long journey, it’s important to carefully plan your transportation to Port Everglades.


It’s not hard to find an Uber or Lyft in Miami. You can also use these ride-sharing apps to make your trip from Miami to Port Everglades. An Uber trip will cost about $50 from MIA directly to Port Everglades. Keep in mind that rush hour traffic and surge pricing might add to that total.

One of the most underrated cruise travel tips is to use Uber Pool. You can select this option while ordering your ride to cut down on costs. Uber Pool lets you share a ride with other Uber users for a discount.


Miami Beach Ocean Drive street

Taxis are still a common method of transportation in Miami. The longer distance, however, makes taxis a less viable option than Uber of Lyft. Taxi Fare Finder predicts that a one-way taxi ride from MIA to Port Everglades costs about $105. The cost once you factor in a 15 percent tip is about $122. This total not includes a surcharge for riding from the airport.

Airport Shuttle

Are you traveling solo? You might want to consider taking an airport shuttle.

Airport shuttles are a viable option for solo travelers because they charge you per person. A group traveling with four people can split the cost of an Uber or taxi. But a solo traveler will save money by taking a shuttle straight from the airport to Port Everglades.

The Metro Shuttle departs from MIA every hour starting at 10:00 a.m. and ending at 2:00 p.m. The one-way trip takes one hour and costs $25 per person. You can reserve your shuttle seat in advance. Simply head online to complete booking or call a Metro Shuttle representative to book your trip.

Some private transport and shuttle companies: Jiffy Jeff Transportation, Go Airport Shuttle, Quality Limo Service

Cruise Line Transfer

One of the advantages of going on a cruise is you don’t have to make many travel plans. Cruise lines are happy to set up your excursions, meals, and transportation. Check with your cruise line to see if they offer transportation from MIA to Port Everglades.

Princess Cruises, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and more cruise lines offer transfers from the airport. These are a convenient option for people who don’t want to figure out their own method of transportation.

Cruise line transfers may be convenient, but their prices vary. Carnival Cruises, for example, offers one-way transfers from MIA to Port Everglades for $36.99.

You can contact your cruise line directly to see what a bus transfer costs.

A cheap way to get from Port of Miami to Ft Lauderdale Airport

A cheap way is taking public transportation. Take Metrorail from Government Center Station to Tri-Rail and Metrorail Transfer Station northwest of Miami, then Tri-Rail to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport Station at Dania Beach and transfer to the Tri-Rail Shuttle Route FLA 1 directly to airport. It’s a total of $5.65 when using a Miami-Dade EASY card.

There is a free trolley from PortMiami to Government Center Station, and a free shuttle bus from the Ft Lauderdale Airport Station to the FLL terminals. Please allow some time, advisable only for flights later than 1:30pm or 2:00pm.

Get More Cruise Travel Tips

Getting to your cruise doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. Follow these tips to find a method of transportation that fits your travel goals. Are you interested in hearing more cruise travel tips? We can help.

We can help you with your Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel, reservation on everything from flights to hotels and places to visit near Fort Lauderdale cruise port.

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